Future Reports

The Wines of Friuli: Collio's Elegant Whites

Tasting Guidelines and Procedures

  • The i-WineReview uses a Tasting Panel to conduct its tastings. The Tasting Panel consists of a core team of skilled and experienced professional tasters.
  • The wines reviewed are obtained from producers, importers and distributors; they are also purchased. A tasting session usually consists of 40 to 50 wines. Wines are organized in flights with their peers (mainly by variety, region, and suggested retail price) whenever possible.
  • The final ratings for each wine are based on the aggregate numbers from the panel. The tasting notes for each wine are written by the publishers from the Tasting Panel's evaluations. Wines that score below 85 points are not included in reports.
  • Whenever possible, our tasting notes include information on a producer's website and the website of the importer or distributor who provides us the wine for review.
  • The wines reviewed are generally available for purchase at retail wine shops, especially at various Recommended Retailers. However, because of their limited production and distribution, you may need to contact the producer or distributor for information on the availability of some wines.
  • The i-WineReview rates wines using the 100 point system. We do not write up wines that receive a rating below 85 points. The ratings are:
    95 and above A wine of distinction
    91-94 A wine of outstanding or superior quality
    89-90 A wine of very good to excellent quality
    87-88 A wine of good quality
    85-86 A wine of fair or acceptable quality
    84 and below Not recommended