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Wine Education Opportunities

Consistent with our strong support of wine education, the i-WineReview has compiled this preliminary list of wine education opportunities for our readers across the United States
Suggestions for additional listings of qualified wine education schools and classes are most welcome. Proposed listings should be submitted to the publishers at info@i-winereview.com

Across the United States and Abroad

Master of WineThe Institute of Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) exists to promote the highest level of educational achievement for the wine industry, culminating in the internationally recognized qualification of Master of Wine (MW). There are currently 250 MWs world-wide. The IMW organizes all aspects of the Master of Wine examination and education program. Education seminars and examinations are held in the UK, the USA and Australia. Wine industry experience and the Diploma offered by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. are considered very useful preparation. Students wishing to take the exam are required to take a 2 year program of self-learning to develop their knowledge and skills. For more information contact hwilliams@masters-of-wine.org
Website: www.masters-of-wine.org

Master SommelierThe Court of Master Sommeliers

The Court is an international organization founded in England in 1969 to encourage improved standards of beverage knowledge and service in hotels and restaurants. The Court’s American chapter established in 1977 has awarded Master Sommelier Diplomas to over 124 candidates and their numbers are expected to increase rapidly in the coming years. Becoming a Master Sommelier involves passing rigorous examinations in restaurant services and salesmanship, wine knowledge, and practical tasting.
Website: www.mastersommeliers.org

The Society of Wine Educators

The mission of the Society of Wine Educators (SWE) is to advance wine education through professional development and certification. It offers a variety of opportunities for individuals to learn about wine. SWE offers two professional credentials for those seeking to certify their wine knowledge by an independent organization, the Certified Specialist of Wine (CWS) and a Certified Wine Educator (CWE). The Society’s professional development opportunities are offered throughout the year. The Society also has a new on-line wine academy. Telephone: 202-408-8777
Website: http://www.societyofwineeducators.org

The French Wine Society

French Wine SocietyThe French Wine Society is the leading provider of French wine study and certification programs internationally.
FWS courses of study are industry-endorsed and range from the comprehensive French Wine Scholar certification program covering all of France to in-depth Master-Level programs on specific wine regions within France.
The FWS offers membership with benefits including live and recorded member educational webinars, an industry chronicle, a member forum and more.
Since 2013, the FWS also organizes immersion study trips to France linked to certification.
Website: www.frenchwinesociety.org

The Napa Valley Wine Academy and
Napa and North California's WSET Wine School

French Wine SocietyThe Napa Valley Wine Academy is a Napa based wine school that conducts wine and spirits educational classes in Northern California including; Napa Valley, San Francisco, Tahoe, Sacramento, and San Jose. Our mission is to inspire and empower our students to explore the world of wine. Wine is our passion and education is our mission. We take you outside of the standard classroom and into winery and food centers that place you closer to the subject matter at hand. Our Wine School offers WSET® Certification courses, in Napa, San Francisco, and Northern California as an Approved Program Provider with the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust in London. We also offer continuing wine education classes through our Wine Academy Course™ and Academy Wine Workshops™. We host regular Wine Academy Tastings™ that focus on exploring the regions and wines of the world. The Wine and Spirit Education Trust provides high-quality education in wines and spirits to more than 43,000 people every year around the globe. The WSET® has become the foremost international organization in the field of wines and spirits education, and offers a suite of sought after qualifications that are considered to be the gold standard in wine education.

Website: www.NapaValleyWineAcademy.com
telephone: 855-513-WSET

Online Schools

Wine Campus

Wine CampusWine Campus™ is one of few wine colleges specialising in wine education via up-to-date and carefully researched e-learning modules.

All wine courses are interactive and engaging. In contrast to merely beachcombing the Web, students will 'apprentice' from tutors, first-rate wine experts to whom they would otherwise have no access to.

Wine Campus™ offers wine appreciation courses, 1o1 vocational classes, master (honours) classes, advanced (graduate) courses covering all aspects of wine, including viticulture, oenology, wine sales and marketing, dynamics of food and wine alchemy, sommeliership. Wine Campus™ adheres to the EU principles of e-learning and certifies wine professionals.

Website: www.winecampus.org
More info on Wine Campus - wikipedia

Regional and Local


Boston University's Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center

Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource CenterThe Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center is an educational facility at Boston University’s Metropolitan College established for the study and promotion of wine and other spirits in order to educate people about wine as a beverage, which, when consumed in moderation, can be part of an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. Its purpose is to foster educational programs at Boston University that explore all aspects of wine, including viticulture; enology; wine history; economics; distribution and marketing; the pairing of wine with food; and the psychological, physiological, and cultural phenomena of wine consumption.

Wine Studies Certificate Programs

The Center offers Wine Studies Certificate Programs consisting of four levels of coursework and expertise. Beyond the personal enrichment gained through any of the four levels of wine study, achieving certification in Levels 2, 3, and 4 will enhance one’s opportunity to work in the wine industry. All students, including those already in the industry, will benefit from the expertise of our instructors, Sandy Block, Bill Nesto, and Alex Murray.
Website: www.bu.edu/foodandwine/wine_programs


Chicago Wine School

The Chicago Wine School is an independent educational organization providing information about wines and spirits. The coarse course are the five week course, one evening per week of which there are 2 levels: The Basics, Intermediate (“The Varietals” and “The Countries”), and Advanced (“The Regions”). The CWS also offers numerous evening seminars. Patrick W. Fegan is Director.
Telephone: 312-491-0284
Website: www.wineschool.com

New York City

International Wine CenterWine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)
International Wine Center

The International Wine Center, a New York City wine school, opened its doors in 1982. Since 1982, the Center has trained hundreds of wine professionals and helped thousands of wine lovers to discover the pleasures of wine. In 1994, International Wine Center was the first organization in the U.S. to become affiliated with the prestigious Wine & Spirit Education Trust® (WSET®), and offer its courses. The WSET, founded in England, is a widely recognized wine certification program that includes an intermediate, Level Two, Advanced Level Three, and Diploma-Level 4. Mary Ewing-Muligan, president of International Wine center is the first woman in America to become a Master of Wine.
Telephone: 212-239-3055
Website: www.internationalwinecenter.com

The Sommelier Society of America, Inc

The Society is the nation's oldest wine teaching organization. Founded in 1954, it is devoted to creating a vital wine society for industry professionals and interested consumers. The Society offers wine education classes, tastings and professional consultation services. Their flagship course is a Twenty Week Certificate Course for restaurant owners, managers, wait-staff and bartenders. emphasis is on the varietals, viticulture specifics, techniques of tasting, food and wine pairing and service. Classes are taught in New York City and on Long Island.
Telephone: 212-679-4140
Website: www.sommeliersocietyofamerica.org

The Institute of Culinary Education

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), located in New York City, offers a mix of one-session, two-session and six-session wine classes. The most in-depth wine class at The Institute is Wine Essentials, which meets once a week for six weeks, with each session dedicated to a particular topic, such as Bordeaux or sparkling and dessert wines. The Institute also offers classes on wine and food pairing classes and selected great wines under $15.
Telephone: 212-847-0700
Website: www.iceculinary.com

James Beard FoundationNew York University and the James Beard Foundation

NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies and the James Beard Foundation offer a wide variety of food and wine courses to please the palate and expand the culinary senses. Becoming a Wine Expert: The Essentials of Wine Tasting, Pairing Wine with Chocolate are among the offerings.
Telephone 212-675-4984
Website: www.jamesbeard.org


The Wine School of Philadelphia

Wine School of PhiladelphiaOffers a wine certification program, which includes a two-month Foundation Program (First Tier), a long Intermediate Wine Certificate Program (Second Tier), and a high level and rigorous Advanced Certificate Program (third tier). The School also offers an Online Certificate Program and individual wine classes such as Wine 101, fundamentals, and Wine by Region.
Telephone: 215-965-1514
Website: www.vinology.com

San Francisco

Bruce Cass Wine Lab

Bruce Cass Wine Lab offers fun, informational, and entertaining wine education in evening classes throughout San Francisco. Experience 12 - 16 fantastic wines each night, accompanied by lecture, discussion, plus bread & cheese! Classes include: the Art of Wine Appreciation and Essentials of Great Wine.
Telephone: 415-861-5500
Website: www.pacrimwine.org

Washington DC Metropolitan Area
Northern Virginia

The Sommelier and Wine and Food Society

The offerings here include a valuable nine week Wine Captains Course and 4-week advanced Burgundy and Bordeaux wine classes. All courses provide a combination of wine knowledge, intensive tastings and discussions of wine and food pairing, and practical know-how. The courses are taught by Rob Stewart, a former chef and sommelier. If you are not in the profession, here is your chance to rub shoulders with the lucky ones who are. The Sommelier Wine and Food Society and Rob Stewart can be reached at 703-685-7970 or via e-mail winehead@earthlink.net

Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)
Washington Wine Academy

Washington Wine AcademyThe Washington Wine Academy, one of the finniest wine training centers in the Washington, DC area.. recently became the second organization in the United States to offer the Wine and Spirit Education Trust certification program. Students in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area are now able to enroll in WSET Intermediate, Advanced, and Diploma titles. . For further information about WSET and other wine education programs offered by the Academy, contact the Washington Wine Academy at 703-922-9422.
Website: www.washingtonwineacademy.org

Greater Washington Wine School

Offers wine classes on a wide range of topics which this year include Pinot Five-Ways, Proprietary Reds, Cognac and Brandy, and Boutique Wineries. Classes meet on weekday evenings throughout the Washington area. Call or e-mail Jane Hermansen, 301-657-0220 or 240-305-6469 gwwsllc@aol.com.

This is only a breif list of wine education programs and classes. Additional Listings of all Qualified Wine Education Schools and Classes are Welcome. Proposed listings should be submitted to the publishers at info@i-winereview.com