DE-NADA Tequila from Jalisco

DE-NADA is a new tequila brand created by Adam Millman and Danny Neeson. DE-NADA tequila is made with 100% Blue agave and is unadulterated.  There’s no added sugar, artificial coloring, flavoring or scents.  While the brand and proprietary blend are new, the producer is not. The DE-NADA tequilas are made by the Feliciano Vivanco tequileria [NOM 1414] established by Don Feliciano Vivanco Fonseca in 1990 in the Los Altos highlands region of Jalisco.

Cesar Vivanco & Sergio Cruz

Five generations of the Vivanco family have grown blue agave on their estate. Today, Cesar Vivanco manages the tequileria and master distiller Sergio Cruz Sanchez makes the tequila.   Feliiciano Vivanco y Asociados is one of the highest rated tequila distilleries in Mexico.

The DE-NADA tequilas are made from estate grown blue Weber agaves, roasted 48 hours in brick ovens, and fermented to an accompaniment of Baroque music. They are double distilled in alembic copper pot stills. Pure and additive free, they offer real drinking pleasure.

The Tequilas

Agave Piñas

Tequila Blanco ($39)  The Blanco is a natural tasting tequila showing notes of citrus, chamomile, and toasted grain. The mouth feel is silky smooth. Try it with fish tacos.

Tequila Reposado ($43) The Reposado combines notes of caramel, earthy mushrooms, and sweet vanilla oak. Complex in aroma and flavor, it’s especially smooth and long in the mouth.  Aged in used American bourbon oak barrels for 4 months, it can be sipped like a fine brandy.

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