Gift Books on Wine for the Holidays

ART Books copyThe wine connoisseur always appreciates a good read about wine, and we’ve reviewed several wine books over the past few months that we think would make superb gifts.  Click on the title of each book to read our reviews.

The Wines of South America by Evan Goldstein     This is the most comprehensive and up to date book on the wine growing regions and producers of South America, including lesser known ones.  It’s a good complement to our reports on The Chilean Wine Revolution and The Diverse Wines of Argentina.

Barolo and Barbaresco: The King and Queen of Italian Wine by Kerin O’Keefe     Kerin O’Keefe’s latest book on Italian wine focuses on the famous Nebbiolo wines of the Alba region, including her assessment of the modern wines made by Elio Altare, Angelo Gaja, Luciano Sandrone and others.

Wine Atlas of Germany     This is the most extensive and comprehensive book on German wine geography available today; it provides detailed information and spectacular maps on each of Germany’s sixteen wine regions.

Best White Wine on Earth: the Riesling Story by Stuart Pigott     This witty, erudite book is a must for anyone who loves Riesling.  Pigott covers Germany and Austria, of course, and his exploration of New World Riesling is by far the best written to date.  Reviews of Austrian Rieslings can also be found in our Report # 25 The Wines of Austria.

American Wine Economics by James Thornton   This book will be of special interest to wine lovers with a background and/or interest in business and economics. No other book treats the economics of wine in such depth.

My Favorite Burgundies by Clive Coates   One of the world’s foremost authorities on Burgundy, Clive Coates reports on his extensive and often unique tastings of Burgundies.  This book is for the wine lover who already knows a lot about this region and its wines.

Wines of the New South Africa by Tim James   This well-written book does an especially good job of explaining the recent history of wine development in South Africa, along with profiles of the key wineries. Anyone traveling to South Africa’s wine regions should have this book. Of course, they should also read our Report # 30: The Wines of South Africa.

Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla by Peter Liem and Jesús Barquín    It’s difficult to find superlatives adequate to express how much we like this superb, detailed book on Sherry. The shrinking number of Sherry cognoscenti absolutely need this book.  And those wanting recent reviews of Sherries should consult our Special Report Introduction to Sherry.

The New York Times Book of Wine by Howard G. Goldberg    Howard Goldberg was the New York Times principal wine writer for almost three decades. He assembles his best and most entertaining articles in this wonderful book.

American Wine by Jancis Robinson and Linda Murphy   This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on all the growing areas in America’s fifty states.  It’s a great reference book for those who love American wine.

Donald Winkler, Editor  December 2015


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