Press Release: "The New Wines of Portugal"

For immediate release from the Dunn Robbins Group,New York, NY, November 1, 2010.
The International Wine Review (IWR) announces the release of its 24th Report, “The New Wines of Portugal.” Based on a trip made by Mike Potashnik, Publisher and Don Winkler, Editor, in the summer of 2010, it provides a comprehensive look at Portugal’s major wine regions and leading winemakers. In addition to tasting notes and ratings on 500 Portuguese wines, the report also offers best buy recommendations, recommendations on pairing Portuguese food and wine, and an overview of the market for Portuguese wine in the US and abroad. It is the IWR’s first double issue, and the most thorough assessment that the research company has done to date.

It is the IWR’s second report on Portugal; the first one, “The Red Wines of Portugal”, was completed in 2005. As Mike and Don explained, “When we did our first report, few wine enthusiasts spoke of Portuguese wines. How times have changed! Today there is growing recognition among wine professionals that Portugal is one of Europe’s most exciting wine regions, with well-made wines in every part of the country, from the hot, dry Alentejo in the south to the steeply terraced Douro to the wet, green Minho in the north.”

Francisco Borba, President of Vini Portugal, which funded the preparation of the report, remarked: “ I found this report to be very well researched and clearly written. It offers an excellent overall view of the major wine regions in Portugal, and helps clarify the different appellations, names of grapes and regions, which can be confusing. It will serve as an excellent educational tool for both the trade and interested consumers, informing them of the latest trends in Portuguese winemaking, and identifying the exciting, distinctive wines by dynamic winemakers who are helping position Portugal on the global stage.”

To read the Table of Contents and the Introduction to this Report (#24), go to Subscriptions are available on line.

The International Wine Review was launched in 2005 to provide the wine trade (importers, distributors, retailers, sommeliers) and wine enthusiasts, with current, accurate information regarding important wines and regions of the world. Although it draws on a distinguished panel for tasting and evaluating wines, the reports go far beyond ratings; they provide insight and understanding of viticulture and winemaking, appellations, wine styles, pairing food and wine, and market issues. IWR is also distinctive because it focuses on emerging regions and wines, currently gaining market prominence.

For immediate release by the Dunn Robbins Group, New York, NY

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