Santorini and Assyrtiko on a Sunday Afternoon

This past Sunday afternoon I visited good friends in Potomac, Md who I had not seen for awhile. He had grown a beard, a white one which made him look so distinguished and learned. She, vivacious as ever, showed her usual warmth and enthusiastically showed me the wonderful food and wine she had gathered for the occassion. Offered a glass of wine, I noted they had a bottle of Boutari’s 2008 Santorini being chilled in the refrigerator. I couldn’t help but feel moved by seeing this bottle, as it reminded me of my visit to Santorini this past summer and time spent at a seminar at Boutari learning about Assrytiko. I also realized that my friends who are subscribers to the International Wine Review, had read our recently published report on Santorini and Assyrtiko and had purchased the Boutari wine for the occassion. It was a wonderful surprise and I was struck by the freshness of the wine and its minerality, and clean intense flavors of the sea. We drank it with delicious crab cakes, vine leaves and other wonderful appetizers. And I couldn’t help but feel so lucky to have such thoughtful friends and to be able to revisit Santorini on a Sunday afternoon.

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