The Washington Post’s Dave McIntyre Pairs Sherry with Chinese Cuisine

I was pleased to read in Dave McIntyre’s article on Wednesday January 21 “This Lunar New Year, Raise a Glass of Sherry” how he successfully paired Emilio Lusatu’s fino, manzanilla and amontillado sherries with Chinese dishes.

In the i-WineReview’s recent special report on Sherry we offered readers a Sherry and Food Pairing Chart which identifies the wide variety of possibilities for pairing Sherry successfully with different cuisines. Most wine enthusiasts don’t realize how versatile Sherry is for pairing with food, especially sherries like manzanillas, finos and amontillados .

In our chart, we recommend manzanillas for traditional Spanish hors d’oeuvres and soups like Marcona almonds, green olives, gazpacho, but also with fish and seafood like fried white fish, sushi, smoked salmon and oysters; finos for fried Serrano ham, shrimp frittata, asparagus, cold or poached chicken, and amontillados for mushroom dishes, rare tuna, grilled salmon, veal and mushroom stew, Manchego cheese and more. For real spicy Thai food or fois gras, pale and medium cream sherries are good accompaniments.

Sherry is indeed undervalued by most wine enthusiasts and is generally not well understood or appreciated. That is why the i-WineReview prepared a Special Report on Sherry with the goal to help our readers become more familiar with this fascinating wine, explore its many facets, and ultimately enjoy drinking it. In addition to explaining the origins of Sherry and how it is made, we provide tasting notes and ratings for more than 75 sherries on the market.

Thanks, Dave McIntyre. We share your enthusiasm for Sherry—and especially as a food wine.

Mike Potashnik
International Wine Review

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