Champagne and Sparkling Wine Wine/Food Pairing Chart

We were recently asked by some of our readers what food to pair with Rosé champagne and sparkling wine. For our answer, we turned to the i-WineReview’s wonderful food pairing chart which is included in the newly released December 2008 report The World of Sparkling Wine and Champange. The chart was prepared by Edward M. Korry, MA CWE of the Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts in Providence, RI and here is what it recommends:

Dry, high acid, medium bodied rosés are best paired with some of the following dishes: foie gras; carpaccio of beef, ratatouille, grilled salmon or grilled shrimp, beef tenderloin with mushrooms. pork asado, Thanksgiving turkey and roast duck. You can also pair them with aged dry cheeses at the end of a meal.

Dry, full bodied roses and red sparkling wines go best with: Charcuterie and pates, dim sum, grilled tuna steaks, Turkey, pork with mole sauce, beef stews, rack of lamb, and rare venison tenderloin.

There are more ideas in last year’s Champagne report which I highly recommend to readers.

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