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Focus on Argentina & Chile
with Selections from France,
Portugal and Spain

April 2008

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Flag of ArgentinaArgentina is on a roll. Few wine regions can match the high quality and reasonable prices of the wines being produced in Argentina today. In our December 2006 report entitled Argentina’s Magnificent Malbec the International Wine Review provided subscribers an in-depth look at Malbec, Argentina’s principal grape. Here we review the new vintages and releases of not only Malbec, but other varieties. We also include several new producers whose wines we tasted for the first time. Argentinean Wines Tasted

Chile ···································································

Flag of ChileFor more than two decades, Chile’s wine export strategy has been to build a reputation for inexpensive but good value wines.  Continued growth in wine production and the declining value of the dollar relative to the Chilean peso pose a double whammy to this strategy, with observers of the Chile wine scene recommending a new strategy of reduced yields, higher quality, and higher prices.  While the International Wine Review has yet to do an exhaustive evaluation of Chilean wine, this month’s tasting gave us the opportunity to try the wines of several of the country’s more prominent producers.  We find Chile is still producing wines of very good value as well as some wines of exceptional quality which would face no difficulty in the market even at higher prices. Chilean Wines Tasted

France ································································

Flag of France
France, of course, is one of the most fabled countries in the world when it comes to wine with numerous regions, varietals, and types of wine being produced. This month we taste new releases from three regions – Alsace, Bordeaux, and the Rhone. We were most impressed with the Rhone wines of Pierre Gaillard, who is producing wines of unique character and excellent value. French Wines Tasted

Portugal ·······························································

Flag of Portugal
In January 2006 the International Wine Review issued a major report on the Red Table Wines of Portugal. At the time we stated, “Portugal is producing some of the most exciting and improved red wines in Europe today.” This month we taste a few Portuguese wines from the recent vintage, and our evaluation remains the same as before. Portuguese Wines Tasted

Spain ·································································

Flag of Spain
Last month the International Wine Review evaluated a large number of Spanish wines, including many from regions of the country not previously well-known for wine in the U.S. and other major export markets. We found numerous wines of incredible value. This month we tasted a few more wines from non-traditional regions, with similar results. Spanish Wines Tasted

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