Italian Whites: New Releases

Map of Italy

Today, producers in every part of Italy are crafting white wines that are fresh, flavorful and creative expressions of their terroir. The new releases reviewed here show that in the northeastern regions of Trentino-Alto Adige and the Veneto, producers like Bollini in Friuli are crafting Pinot Grigio of depth and complexity while Cantine Maschio and Caposaldo are refining the nuances of flavor in Prosecco. In the Piedmont, Vigne Regali is producing tasty Gavis and innovative Pinot Noir-based sparklers. In Tuscany and Umbria, Pinot Grigio, Vermentino and Vernaccia take center stage and producers are achieving new levels of expression from these varieties. Pighin, for example, produces one of the finest Pinot Grigios in Italy, while the Cecchi Family produces excellent Vernaccia and Vermentino. Finally, in southern Italy Villa Schinosa produces fruit forward tasty wines from Greco and Moscato. All in all, the white wines of Italy offer the wine enthusiast exciting new drinking experiences.

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