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The Wines of Friuli: Collio's Elegant Whites

Praise for our Wine Reports


“Congratulations for such an outstanding job on the Argentina report. It is the best report of its kind I've ever seen and will definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn about Argentina. ”

—Matt Hedges, President, Vino del Sol

“The International Wine Review deserves your support, as they provide very serious, in-depth coverage of the international wine scene”

—David Ramey, Ramey Wine Cellars

“Thank you for the very thorough article on Santorini. You did an excellent job that will help us move ahead with our cause to preserve the unique tresors of the Santorini vineyard.”

—Sofia Pepera, Oenologist, Director All About Greek Wine

“As a participant in this year's Oregon Pinot Camp I had received your Report on Oregon Pinot Noir which I found extremely well written and useful. It truly broadened my horizon regarding Oregon Pinot Noir.”

—Jost Schmitt, Importer, Munich Germany

“Iíve just read the Sherry Review and I must say it is without a doubt, the most comprehensive Sherry expose Iíve ever seen in this country; … the report certainly merits a 100 in any scale. Congratulations on a job well done.”

—Julio C. Baguer, President & CEO, New Age Imports, LLC, Verona, NJ

“Very well in depth review of Champagne, second to none… Great job!”

—Eliott Staren, Wide World of Wines, Washington, DC

"I just thought I’d tell you that I thought that the last two issues were absolutely brilliant. (New Zealand Pinot and Ribera del Duero)  Well thought out and organized, exceptionally informative and extremely useful. I hope that the readership is growing as quickly as it should."

—Michael Sternberg - Essential Restaurant Holdings LLC

“The IWR is an engaging and well-crafted professional guide with a clever and practical approach on the new great wines from Portugal“

—Eduardo Souto Moura - Portuguese Trade Commissioner, New York

“Thank you very much for this beautiful and complete article [on the Rolland Collection]!”

—David Lesage - Rolland Collection, Pomerol-France

“…the most comprehensive review I’ve seen of Grenache by any publication. Thorough, accurate and inspiring.”

—Bob Betz, MW - Winemaker Betz Family Winery, Redmond, WA

“Congratulations on your outstanding report on Malbec in Argentina. It is the most complete and informative I have seen on the subject.”

—Alfredo Bartholomaus - Proprietor Billington Imports and Robert Parker’s “Wine Personality of the Year”

“…a terrific discussion of California Syrah”

—Stephen Anglim - Anglim Winery, Paso Robles

“It’s the quintessential document on Petite Sirah; masterfully crafted, excellently executed, and the best written resource available for anyone who is a student of Petite Sirah’s past and present…”

— Jo Diaz - Executive Director, PS I Love You (Petite Sirah’s Advocacy Group)