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Champagne Sales Bubble Up

According to the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne), the world purchased 323 million bottles of Champagne in 2011, of which 44% were exported. The single largest export market is the UK (35 million bottles), and the second largest … Continue reading

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Muscat Sales Exploding in the US

It seems that the Millenial Generation has discovered Moscato. This lightly sweet and often low-alcohol wine is easy to drink, especially for those Millenials (age 21+) who grew up drinking sweet sodas. It seems that Moscato, oftentimes lightly sparkling, is … Continue reading

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2010 Bordeaux Prices Rise: China Buys More

There have been numerous articles, most recently in the Financial Times, about the possible bubble in classified growth Bordeaux prices caused by China’s emergence as a major buyer. In 2009 en primeur prices (of the classified growths) rose 50 percent, … Continue reading

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US Beats France in Wine Consumption: Young Adults Lead the Way

According to the latest statistics, America consumed more wine (3.96 billion bottles) than France (3.85 billion bottles) in 2010. While per capita consumption continues to decline in most of Europe, it has almost tripled in the US over the past … Continue reading

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Best Wines Values from Chile Under $15: From A (Albamar) to X (Xplorador)

Chile has a reputation for delivering excellent wine values at all price points. Here we list our favorites among recently tasted, low-priced wines. In Report # 21 The Chilean Wine Revolution, we evaluated wines priced $15 and above and marveled … Continue reading

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Wine in Japan

Tokyo is the epicurean’s delight with an incredible selection of international restaurants and excellent wine shops. Japanese wine isn’t very visible, however. During my stay in Tokyo I visited the YaMaYa wine shop in Akasaka. YaMaYa has a very good … Continue reading

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New York Times: Sparkling Wine vs. Champagne Sales

The December 31, 2008, issue of the New York Times reports that consumers are moving down market in their sparkling wine purchases in response to a deteriorating economy. More specifically, consumers appear to be shying away from purchases of expensive … Continue reading

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