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Wines for Thanksgiving: A Selection from the Year’s Tastings

Thanksgiving is a celebration of thanks for abundant harvests.  It is also an abundant meal consisting of many flavorful sweet and savory dishes surrounding the traditional roast turkey.  The combination of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and candied yams is a challenge … Continue reading

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Portuguese White Port: A Surprising, Bracing Summer Aperitif Wine

We recently discovered the Alves de Sousa NV Caldas Porto White in one of our sweet wine tastings for the upcoming report on Sweet Wines of the World. It reminded us of white Ports we have tasted in the Douro, … Continue reading

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Wines to Warm the Winter Spirit

Sweet wines used to be the most sought after and expensive wines in the world. The framers of the Declaration of Independence toasted their success with Madeira. [According to one report, 54 bottles of Madeira and 22 bottles of Port … Continue reading

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The Exciting New Wines of Portugal

The New Wines of Portugal, Report # 24, is now available to subscribers at It’s our first Double Issue ever. And why, you might ask, a double issue? Because Portugal is so incredibly diverse in terms of climate, soils, … Continue reading

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The Douro Boys (and Girls) Revisited

Is there a wine region more magnificently beautiful than the Douro? Some of the world’s best wine grapes are grown on steeply terraced hillsides on either side of the Douro River. This is Port country, of course, but increasingly the … Continue reading

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Aphrodisiacal Wine for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a wine with just a little “kick” for Valentine’s Day? Or any other day, for that matter. Then you should try Deviation, a California dessert wine made by the Quady Winery that includes the herb Damiana (Turnera diffusa). … Continue reading

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The Washington Post’s Dave McIntyre Pairs Sherry with Chinese Cuisine

I was pleased to read in Dave McIntyre’s article on Wednesday January 21 “This Lunar New Year, Raise a Glass of Sherry” how he successfully paired Emilio Lusatu’s fino, manzanilla and amontillado sherries with Chinese dishes. In the i-WineReview’s recent … Continue reading

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