US Rosé Imports Grow Exponentially

ROSE Premium ImportsRosé, especially premium rosé, remains one of the hottest wine categories in the US, as we’ve reported in earlier articles.  Premium rosé (>$12/bottle) imports in 2014 increased 41% by volume and 53% by value. This comes on top of rapid growth in earlier years.  And the growth in premium rosé imports stands in contrast to the slow growth (just 1.2% by volume) of US imports of table wines more generally (see graph).  In 2014 the average price of a bottle of rosé rose to over $16, an increase of $1 over 2013.*

ROSE Provence Export GraphRosé imported from Provence is especially popular in the US, and those imports, too, are increasing rapidly. Provence rosé imports rose 29% by volume and 38% by value in 2014. There’s been double digit growth in Provence rosé imports since 2003 (see graph).

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Don Winkler

February 2015

* Data for this article come from the CIVP/Provence Wine Council, the French Customs Agency, Neilsen, and the Wine Industry Advisor.

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